Terms of Service:

Free Forum Hosting Terms of Service:

You shall not use the Free Forum Service to distribute adware, spyware, or pornography, nor use it to talk about pornography, weapons, drugs, illegal activities, software cracks, or any other topics that are against the laws of the United States. At our discretion we may ask you to remove any content that violates any laws or copyrights or that has been reported to us via the “Report Abuse” feature of your forum. You as forum admin are responsible for the content provided by your members.

The Free Forum Service does not have any warranty of uptime or availability, and may go down at any time for any reason. In addition, your forum or account on the service may be deleted or locked at any time for any reason, with or without any prior warning or explanation.

On occasion you may receive emails from the admin staff at WebringAmerica or FreeMyBB.com. We will never sell or give away your email address. All emails received will only be about the forum hosting service (announcements about service outages, new features, etc) and will never be advertisements for other services or spam messages.

MyBB Only: We allow you to edit the theme code for your forum in good faith. We also allow you to use your own Google Ad Code in good faith. We ask, however, that you do not remove the “Free Forum Hosting Without Ads Provided by WebringAmerica” link or any other support or service links relating to WebringAmerica that are located in the template code. Removal of these links will result in your forum being deleted. Also, if you wish to use your own Google Ad Code, you must label it with your name, such as “Google Ads added by YourName” so your members know that you and not FreeMyBB is responsible for the advertisements. Failure to clearly mark your own ad code as your own may result in service termination.