Report a Forum

Do you know of a forum or blog that violates WebringAmerica’s Terms of Service? Is there a forum on our service that is hosting illegal material? Please do us a favor and report this forum to us.

The following are acceptable reasons for reporting a forum to us. If your reason is not on the list please resolve the problem with the forum’s admin unless you really feel that we need to know about the problem.

– Adult Content / Illegal Images
– Copyright Violation (Images, MP3, Software, etc)
– Encourages violence or harm to others
– Forum or Topics are against United States Law / Illegal
– Discusses / Promotes illegal drug use
– Spam forum
– Forum contains or links to spyware / adware / virus / warez
– Forum violates WebringAmerica Terms of Service

How to Report A Forum:

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Report”. Please include the user’s URL as well as any other information you think that we will need.

What Will Happen:

We will investigate your report claim and take appropriate action as we see fit.