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You’re only seconds away from creating a free MyBB forum without ads. But first, you must agree to our simple Terms of Service.

Here’s the Rundown:

*  You cannot use your forum to talk about hacking, pornography, illegal drugs, weapons, or hate crimes.
*  Your forum cannot link to hacking, pornographic, illegal drug, or hate related websites.
*  Your forum cannot redistribute or link to copyrighted downloads, such as copyrighted MP3 files or pirated (warez) software.
*  We may view the content of your forum at any time, including private message content, by viewing our database information about your forum.

*  By creating a forum you agree that we may suspend or delete your forum at any time, for any reason, with or without prior warning.


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Wondering where our PHPBB3 and SMF forum hosting went? While we continue to host PHPBB3 and SMF forums on our servers, the PHPBB3 and SMF hosting sections are closed to new signups. We are constantly changing and adapting. Sometimes we add new sections, sometimes we close the old ones to new signups. We are currently considering PHPBB3, SMF 1.4.x and 2.0, AEF Forums and XMB forums as potential forum software we will host in the future. You can install any forum software you want on one of our Premium Web Hosting Plans.